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Operate Your Own BONEHEADS Franchise

Become a BONEHEADS FIRE GRILLED franchise owner! We offer interested individuals the chance to operate their own franchises under the BONEHEADS name. As a franchisee, you'll be provided with the help and support you need to succeed and serve the most delicious grilled food to patrons throughout the Atlanta, Georgia, area. Get started today!

Why Being a BONEHEAD Is a Good Idea

We have been franchisees so we know the drill. We pride ourselves on being 100% franchisee-focused, so you can expect only the best when operating your own BONEHEADS franchise. Benefits include:

  • Great-Tasting Food: BONEHEADS offers only the freshest seafood and chicken available. The quality of our products is never compromised.
  • No National Competitors: We have no national competitors in the fresh, grilled seafood or piri piri categories.
  • Popular Ingredients: Piri piri is a rapidly expanding menu item in Europe, South America, South Africa, and now in the U.S.
  • Excellent Menu: Our menu is on target for today's health-conscious customers, all with a very affordable price point.
  • Easily Targetable Demographics (Upscale, Active, and Health Conscious): This makes for more efficient site selection and marketing.
  • Easy to Operate: We have a manageable number of employees, great operating hours, and superb training, operating, and marketing systems in place.
  • Proven Track Record: We have locations that have longevity, even in a difficult economic environment.
  • Buying Power: We have fantastic relationships in place that allow us to buy above and beyond our size.
  • Good Overall Choice: SBA friendly and very cost effective to build, with a top-quality restaurant design.
Chicken Plate On a Table

BONEHEADS Restaurant Interior

What BONEHEADS Does for You

The BONEHEADS system is comprised of corporately supported and Area Developer/Corporate co-supported locations. These "ads" are hand selected and are consummate restaurant professionals. They provide:

  • Turnkey Real Estate Site Selection
  • Award-Winning Architectural Design
  • Access to Discounted Restaurant Equipment Through Several National Vendors
  • Restaurant In a Box Build-Out Capabilities
  • Assistance In HR/Staffing If Needed
  • Fantastic Three-Week Training In Atlanta and a 7-10 Day In-Store Staff Training
  • Pre and Grand-Opening Support
  • Manuals, Manuals, Manuals!
  • Consistency In Ordering and Buying Power Through the Largest U.S. Distribution House
  • Ongoing Operations and Marketing Support


Are You BONEHEADS Material?

We really prefer a three-store deal, but if the market is right and you really are a true BONEHEAD, then we will talk. The initial franchise fee is $35,000, store two is $30,000, store three is $25,000, and every subsequent location is $15,000. The monthly royalties are 6% of gross sales and although it is currently not being collected, we reserve the right to collect 1% of gross sales that would go to a national marketing fund. It is very important to note that BONEHEADS is as transparent as a windowpane. We do not personally profit from any vendor ever. Any accrued monies or vendor bonuses will be directly rebated to the individual units. The average size range of a BONEHEADS is between 1,500 and 3,000 square feet. We prefer an end cap unit with room for outdoor dining. We have a comprehensive site selection criteria manual that will be shared with you in person.


As with any restaurant concept, we prefer owner/operators with a three-or-more-year proven track record of success in other restaurant franchises. If you do not have ownership experience, but have the right business model that includes an operating partner, then we will consider your request. We are looking for capable individuals who have the drive, experience, and professionalism to make our mutual adventure and investment a success for both of us. We are only as good as you are. If you don't have the total investment required, depending on your credentials, we are willing to assist and direct you to sources like the SBA, local banks and mortgage lenders, and perhaps individual investors depending on your location.

Click here to fill out our franchise information form, and we will contact you.

BONEHEADS Restaurant Exterior